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Atrisk prepares individuals and employers in moderate-extreme risk
areas with exigency action plans, awareness exercises, individual
briefings, tailored materials, and monthly reports; designed for
retail stores, manufacturers, startups, buildings, and more.
Analogous to an asterisk, Atrisk
works internally to help minimize
and communicate contingencies.
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Emergency Action Plans
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Along with the input of the client, Atrisk provides emergency action plans, which are customized emergency response plans designed to help individuals and employees respond in an organized and predefined way. These plans are tailored to the specific needs of the client and include procedures for effective communication, evacuation, compliance, shelter-in-place, and other critical protocols. Atrisk creates pragmatic plans that are easy to follow and remember, even in a state of panic, in a way that does not cause unnecessary alarm.

Awareness Exercises
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Atrisk provides awareness exercises to help individuals and employees identify potential security risks and understand how to prevent and respond to security incidents. These exercises include spatial awareness tests, scenario-based training, and other activities that engage individuals and employees in proactive security planning. Atrisk will also work with clients to create custom training. By increasing awareness and preparing for contingencies, clients will see improvements in their own, or employees, ability to manage and minimize risks.

Individual Briefings
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Atrisk offers individual briefings to individuals and specific employees to answer any questions they may have or provide one-on-one training when necessary. Briefings also include a summary of the monthly report: analysis of crime trends in the area and nationally, political instability, and other factors that may impact security. Remember that Atrisk aims to always provide up-to-date information from established organizations. Individual briefings are conducted over the phone or by email and can be requested at any time.

Tailored Materials
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Corresponding with the risk level of the client, Atrisk provides tailored materials, including a wide range of resources to be printed and used by individuals or employees. These materials may include Atrisk/client policies, procedure cards, checklists, training materials, exercises, and other standardized resources designed for their risk level. Atrisk works closely with clients to provide materials that are tailored to their unique security requirements; this may include, for example, providing simplified versions for a new workforce.

Monthly Reports
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Atrisk sends monthly reports that provide clients with updates on a variety of security-related matters that may impact their operations. These reports include an analysis of crime trends in the area and nationally, political instability, and other factors that may impact security. If a significant shift occurs in the risk profile of a client, Atrisk may recommend increasing or decreasing their current risk level. Clients themselves, employees, and assets are better protected by being informed and prepared to make necessary adjustments.

Common questions

How does Atrisk find the risk level of an area?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is one of the primary data sources that Atrisk uses to determine the risk level of an area. The FBI maintains a database of crime statistics frequently updated with information from law enforcement agencies across the United States. By analyzing this data, Atrisk can identify patterns and trends in criminal activity, which can help them assess the risk level in a particular area. In addition to the FBI, Atrisk also uses data from other sources to supplement risk assessments and provide the most accurate information possible to clients.

What clients does Atrisk typically work with?

Atrisk primarily provides security training services to individuals and employers who operate in areas that are considered elevated-risk; this includes areas that may be subject to high levels of criminal activity, such as inner-city neighborhoods or areas with increased rates of gang violence. In addition to urban areas, Atrisk also provides security training services to clients operating in political hotspots. These areas may be subject to civil unrest, domestic terrorism, or other security threats, making it vital for individuals and organizations to have a comprehensive risk management plan.

Does Atrisk provide free support to all clients?

Yes, Atrisk provides free support to all clients, irrespective of their risk level. The Atrisk customer support team is available to assist clients with any general inquiries or troubleshooting they may require. Whether clients are beginners or advanced users, they can rely on the support team to address their concerns promptly and effectively. The goal is to ensure that all clients have a positive experience and receive the assistance they need to maximize the benefits of Atrisk services. However, it's important to note that the level of support may vary depending on the risk level.

What payment methods does Atrisk accept?

Atrisk offers a range of payment methods to cater to the diverse preferences of its clients. Current accepted payment methods include: Debit Cards: Debit cards provide a convenient way to pay directly from a linked bank account. Bank transfers: This method allows direct transfer of funds from the client's account to the Atrisk account. Bank transfers provide a secure and reliable way to make payments, particularly for larger transactions. Cryptocurrency: Atrisk embraces the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and accepts payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC. By offering a diverse range of payment methods, Atrisk aims to accommodate the preferences of clients, ensuring a seamless payment experience on all sides.

Does Atrisk offer refunds after onboarding?

According to Atrisk refund policy, they do not provide refunds for their services. They state that their services are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis and that they do not make any guarantees or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

How does Atrisk share materials and reports?

Atrisk primarily shares materials and reports via email. When sending materials and reports, Atrisk typically utilizes widely compatible file formats such as PDF (Portable Document Format) or PNG (Portable Network Graphics). PDF files are ideal for sharing documents as they preserve the formatting and ensure that the content remains consistent across different devices and operating systems. PNG files, on the other hand, are commonly used for images and graphical elements, ensuring high-quality visuals. Clients can easily view and download files on all devices. Atrisk is also actively working on developing a secure delivery and viewing web portal for clients who have extreme or internal risks.

Does Atrisk allow clients to change risk level?

Yes, Atrisk allows clients to change their risk level to adapt to their evolving needs. A client's risk level can be modified every six months, providing an opportunity for regular reassessment and adjustment. By allowing clients to adjust their risk level, Atrisk ensures that clients can align their protection strategies with their current risk tolerance and objectives. Additionally, Atrisk may proactively recommend that a client change their risk level in their monthly report. These recommendations are based on the Atrisk comprehensive analysis of market trends, risk indicators, and the client's specific circumstances. Clients can have confidence in their risk management strategy and maintain a proactive approach to their security. →

Moderate Risk

/year: $50/person/month
/month: $100/person/month





High Risk

/year: $100/person/month
/month: $200/person/month





Extreme Risk

/year: $200/person/month
/month: $300/person/month





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